About Us


Our Approach

Shaw VR takes the concept of virtual travel, and combines each session with a personalized "tour guide," providing our clients a navigator through their dream vacations, their personal histories, and the experiences of a lifetime.

Our Story

Shaw VR is an idea born from Jeremiah Shaw’s love of new technology and his love for his grandmother, Beverly, who had longed her entire life to see the islands of Greece. Financial limitations, and eventually physical limitations, made this seem like an unattainable dream. That is, until the proliferation of Virtual Reality.

Jeremiah tested the business concept on Beverly at his mother’s home in Seguin, Texas and when he saw her tears of joy at seeing the Parthenon for the first time, he knew this was something that could help people everywhere.

There began Shaw VR, with a vision to bring the world to those unable to travel it themselves. Helping people tour locales that are unknown and, in some cases, very well known. The sight of familiar streets and buildings often triggers what the American Psychological Association calls, “reminiscence therapy” which has been shown to improve emotional well-being and salve depression.

And it's just plain fun.

Meet the Team

Here are the people who make Shaw VR go.


Jeremiah J. Shaw

Founder and CEO

Jeremiah J. Shaw graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science, and spent 15 years working for his family’s healthcare company in Houston, Texas.

After that company was sold, Jeremiah accepted a severance to strike out on his own.

He serves as the CEO of Shaw VR, and is the creator of the Shaw VR Guiding Method.

He lives in Fulshear,TX with his wife Jennifer and daughter Daphne.

Next Steps...

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